Moth-eaten Brain

As I understand things, when one gets older, one’s brain shrinks. I guess more space appears between the skull and the brain, since old people’s heads don’t get smaller. I’m not feeling too young these days. This is my impression of an older, moth-eaten brain.

Contemplating the Navel

In this abstract I sketched only one recognizable form – the cross section of a brain inside a head. I sketched the rest of the lines with a fine point frisket (liquid mask) applicator. My initial concern was to paint gradients of color within each field bounded by the frisket lines. The Bauhaus Master, Paul […]

Abstract Brain

I didn’t have any ideas in mind when I started today’s painting. My main impetus was to see how the pigments interacted. I know, for example, that cobalt blue and quinacridone nickel, when combined create a very pleasing range of colors. Another color that I use is called Moonglow (by Daniel Smith) displays a range […]

Reality Take 1

I started reviewing the basics about art. Aside from the different styles, all art is an exercise in displaying reality. Many books have been written about how reality is perceived. This is such an interesting topic. I can’t possibly do it justice in such a short post. My study below is my idea of the […]

Self Portrait From the Back

A person is often formed by what he or she sees.  In the photomontage/self portrait below, you see the back of my head dissolving into my brain, which is somehow processing all that it sees and feels.*   *Note that the black and white photographs are of my family and my brother Michael

Head Butt

Today’s watercolor experiment: I started this study a couple of days ago when I was painting in the ‘brain series’ mode. My other studies in this genre are: Brain Teasers, Compartmentalization, Memory Fades, Untitled, Brain Abstract. I began with a green crescent of paint, meant to represent a cross section of the corpus callosum, that massive […]

Fun with Pipes

I have been on the lookout of late for fire hydrants, standpipes and other cool looking water delivery systems (Fire Plugs, Concentration, Standpipe Portrait). I thought I would have some fun and incorporate some of the features from previous drawings into an abstractish, surrealistic portrait. Today’s watercolor experiment: In one of my previous sketches (What […]