Strange New Pictogram Encounter

I took this shot as I ventured outside the other day, against all instructions from my watch, which said the air quality was very, very bad.  I could be wrong, but I think the sign allows one to be unyielding to cyclists in the space beyond the plane defined by the sign. Perhaps my interpretation […]

Blue Dress, Red Tables

I’m new to this city in all respects. I don’t want to attract attention.  When I made photos in NYC, I primarily used my camera. I knew I was a photographer and so did the people who noticed me.  I don’t feel like a photographer when I take pictures with my phone. I one sense […]

My First LA Manhole Cover

When I lived in NYC, I thought of starting a manhole cover collection. There were a couple of problems, not the least of which was how to obtain a manhole without breaking the law and, where to keep this collection.  I opted for making a collection of manhole cover photographs. Here is my first manhole […]

Sunny LA, Cautious First Walk

We made it to LA. Still reeling from the move from suburbia to urbia. Feeling uncomfortable excitement or anxiety, or alienation or like an alien.  Need to decompress both in mind and in boxes.  Hopefully will be able to continue the book series very soon.

Fallen Leaves at the Museum

We had the good fortune of going to the Getty Museum today.  The traffic was terrible on the way there. My daughter told me the reason for this: nobody works in LA, so traffic is heavy, no matter what time of day one decides to take the freeway. There was a Rubens painting exhibit, which […]