Head Space

I just started reading Migraine by Oliver Sacks. Sacks, a neurologist, has written many books over the years, based on case studies of some of his patients. One of his books, An Anthropologist on Mars is a favorite of mine, because the title essay is about Dr. Temple Grandin, the famous animal scientist and very well known […]

Autistic Vision

My blog yesterday featured Jonah Lehrer’s analysis of Cézanne’s struggle to represent the world as he saw it, likening it to the very process of vision. Today I would like to look into the process of seeing by autistic individuals. Many autistic individuals are creative and express themselves in the arts. [1] In this short […]

Horn Tooting

I mentioned my photography exhibition about my brother Michael, in my post, Review of Photo Show.  I attended a talk given by Temple Grandin in New York City at the same time my show was open and was lucky enough to meet her. I spoke with her and gave her the announcement of my show. […]


My mother got a brand new VW bug in the early 1960s. It was shiny and red. I particularly remember one bright sunny day. I had just gotten a pair of binoculars, and to try them out, I pointed its gaze to Mom’s car parked on the street. I can still see the sparkling red […]

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