Light and Substance

At first blush, this is a photograph of nothing interesting. But I took the picture anyway. When I looked at it later, I saw the imitation of the light patterns in the indistinct, eroded painting on the ground: the edge of a white line; the edge of a shadow; dark and bright areas of substance […]

Y.B. Visit

My younger brother is visiting us this week. It is really good to see him. We’ve been talking up a storm about music, performance and visual arts. Dave is a pianist. He’s given me insight about expression within the constraint of the page of written music that, in the case of some pieces, has been […]

Back in Control

Since yesterday’s wallow, I’ve taken stock. I started thinking about my need for attention and how it affects my likes and dislikes. I would guess that, like me, other siblings of autistic brothers or sisters also struggle with an unfulfilled need for attention. Today, I turn the question around. What do I attend to? Paradox […]


My mother got a brand new VW bug in the early 1960s. It was shiny and red. I particularly remember one bright sunny day. I had just gotten a pair of binoculars, and to try them out, I pointed its gaze to Mom’s car parked on the street. I can still see the sparkling red […]

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