Leaf or Trees?

The work of Richard Diebenkorn was in the back of my mind today. I have been reading about his Ocean Park series. Everything about my paintings is different than his. He worked in oils, I work in watercolor; he worked on canvases on the order of 8×10 feet, I work on paper of 9×12 inches; […]

Abstracting from a Photo

I am trying to figure out the art of Richard Diebenkorn. I enjoy looking at his paintings in the books I took out of the library. Many of them consist of geometric patches of paint, some with diagonal lines, others with thin lines reminiscent of roads on a map. My understanding is that Diebenkorn’s major paintings began […]

Abstract Process

I am more aware of how I think when I paint these days. For yesterday’s experiment, I began with a premise as a starting point. Months ago I used a different method: I would randomly brush or splatter paint or latex resist, sit back and wonder what to do next with what I saw on the paper. Today’s […]