White Spot with a Twist

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began my study by washing the watercolor paper with perinone orange. I wasn’t quite sure of what I was going to do next. I have found that perinone orange is a very mobile pigment. It diffuses like crazy when dropped onto wet watercolor paper. On the other hand, cadmium yellow pale […]

Abstract Process

I am more aware of how I think when I paint these days. For yesterday’s experiment, I began with a premise as a starting point. Months ago I used a different method: I would randomly brush or splatter paint or latex resist, sit back and wonder what to do next with what I saw on the paper. Today’s […]

Still Disoriented

I’m grateful Thank you to: Liz, Chez, Kathryn, Brett, Jennifer and AmbivalenceGirl for your support, your comments and good wishes in response to my recent posts. They mean a lot to me. I also thank, Aquileana, Icsoup, ItsAMustardworld, ShootingVenice and Berlin, Mejfote, LaLocaBrujita, SoLetUsKnow, RevealIllusions, P0vestiare, MichaelEhrhard, Mundoinesperado and CrazyArtist for liking my posts during the […]


Today’s experiment: I am reviewing photographs I took of my older brother, Michael, during my last visit. My mother, younger brother and I visited him in his group home the day before his 64th birthday. Mike is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. For the past couple of days I have concentrated on sketching his portrait […]

Post Doodling

I have been thinking about the little doodles I’ve been drawing during the past few weeks. They are not terribly satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, it is a challenge to have an idea and conjure up some way to express it visually. However, it is like coming up with one-liners. I’m pretty good with puns and […]

Geometric and Pictorial Elements

It is fascinating to read about Klee’s approach to his art. It is daunting, however, to read his own explanations. I checked his Pedagogical Sketchbook out of the library. I imagine that this would have been a great auxiliary text to the students at the Bauhaus, where he taught. I’m sure the students had the […]

Meaning of ‘Abstract’

My notion of ‘abstract’ A few months ago I began exploring the notion of abstraction. My idea was to examine my photographs, determine the essential elements, boil down the emotional content and portray it in concentrated form with a few pictorial elements. (See: From Photograph to Abstract Expression.) I used the term ‘abstract’ as a verb […]

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