Fallen Leaves at the Museum

We had the good fortune of going to the Getty Museum today.  The traffic was terrible on the way there. My daughter told me the reason for this: nobody works in LA, so traffic is heavy, no matter what time of day one decides to take the freeway. There was a Rubens painting exhibit, which […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mystery Leaf, Another View

Thus far, there was only one suggestion for a name for my mystery leaf of the other day. Thanks to Liz for the suggestion of nonogamboge, of the genus nonogambogia.  Here is a picture of a different plant of the same species. I hope some of my botanical friends might have some suggestions.  Thanks.

Baby Kiwi Leaf

Joy and I visited her cousin the other day. They have wonderful vegetation: red trumpet flowers that attract hummingbirds, huge ferns, some of which are coiled up ready to unfurl at some later time, and this tremendous vine.  The vine must weigh a ton because the horizontal lumber on which it rests, creating an underpass for […]