All Together Now

Today’s watercolor experiment: Having used the complements of the primary colors (blue with orange in ‘From a Magazine‘; yellow with purple in ‘Imaginary Forest‘; and red with green in ‘Next Complement Please‘), I wanted to combine them all in one composition. A word about the composition: I could not think of a natural subject that would allow […]

To Read, Perchance To Dream

Today’s watercolor experiment: I took my own advice from yesterday and tried to combine the square, frame-like organization with a more organic (meaning smooth or natural), looser composition. I began painting today, as yesterday, with simple, flat brushstrokes. Today, I allowed the horizontal ultramarine blue and Winsor red swaths, painted at the top of the […]

Dreams and Creativity

Brief background The study of dreaming is a big field of scientific endeavor. Although this topic is very interesting, I do not wish to rehash all the theories in this post. Let me mention four different views of dreaming: Freud thought that dreaming was a way to access that which our consciousness hides from us; […]


Child psychology When I was a kid, I was afraid of having bad dreams. I heard somewhere that dreams come from a person’s subconscious. So I figured, if I think about something, it will be in my consciousness and not in my subconscious. If it is not in my subconscious, I wouldn’t dream about it. […]