Meditation Series: (8/8) Amphitheater with Graffiti (1991)

It all makes sense now. I pushed the figures together that were originally graffitied at each end of the amphitheater stage. A narrative arose that I hadn’t noticed in their original positioning. It’s hard to believe that this wasn’t the original intent of the artist. I just didn’t put it together until I put them […]

One Handed Knitting and Scared Man

This woman really was knitting. However, I didn’t have time to add her other knitting needle. I also didn’t intend for her partner to look so scared (he wasn’t). I invite you, dear readers, to add your own ideas about what was going on here.

Road Trip

Today I tried to combine story telling with iconography, as the Bauhaus Master, Paul Klee did. However, as I understand the art of Klee, he had very few preconceptions of the final outcome of his painting. He would take his pencil point ‘for a walk’ and let his creativity guide him. His astute design sense […]

Shading and Evading

Over a period of about 10 years or so, I must have taken 300 rolls of film of my brother Mike. I combined these photos with old family snapshots, my journal entries and information garnered from my parents, to create a photographic memoir. It is a safe bet to say Mike didn’t know that I […]


Some times a single image is not enough. During the past few days I have been focused on distilling an image into its visual essence. My goal was to convey the significance of the image with just the right amount of detail, no more, no less. Today’s experiment is a bit different. I unearthed a roll of […]

Lines of Communication

For the past several posts I have been revisiting my enjoyment of Joan Miró. I do this with an ulterior motive: to explore his means of creation and apply them to my own ideas. Lately I am particularly intrigued by The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown to a Pair of Lovers, one of his ‘Constellation’ series. I […]

Is Narration a Component Abstract Painting?

I’ve always thought that to ‘abstract’ something, one condenses it into its essence. Caricaturists do this all the time when they present recognizable portraits of their subjects with prominent  features exaggerated. Most artists try to tell the truth as they see it. Visual artists do so by using color and form that represent the essence of scenes or […]

View – Update

Yesterday, I presented the ‘mountain view’ from the hotel room in which we are staying. I’m sure the staff member who told us about the spectacular view was sincere. Being the curious type, I took the glass-encased elevator to the top, to see what was beyond the garage wall that was our view from the 6th […]

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