Tutor Waiting For Tutee Who Arrived 15 Minutes Later

I spent some time drawing the figure on the right, in the sketch below. After a while another man came to the table and sat down. I could tell there was a teacher-student relationship between them. It is difficult to portray time in a still picture. Perhaps the relaxed position of the man on the […]

Lost Time

William, my grandson, and family are visiting. We haven’t seen them in about 6 months. Upon arrival, he apologized for not bringing his tool kit. He had planned for us to repair the grandfather clock in the hallway. William is 5 years old and very optimistic about repairing clocks. He dubbed my studio, “the clock […]

Artist and Artwork

Will, my grandson, loves clocks. Especially Big Ben. It all started when he saw the Back to the Future, He loved that Dr. Brown saved the day by channeling the lightning, he knew would strike the clock tower, to the Delorian/time machine, and send it back to the future. Will is posing amidst his representation of that […]

Abstract 072917

Today was one of those days of painter’s block.  I wanted to use black as a separator between different spaces on the paper. The models were Matisse’s The Moroccans and Bathers by a River. In reading about these paintings John Elderfield, in Henri Matisse: A Retrospective (Museum of Modern Art 1992), established a connection between Matisse’s spatial […]

Art Inspired by Bergsonian Time

I bought a book by Henry Bergson a couple of months back: The Creative Mind. I wanted to supplement my reading about particular creative artists (Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, Richard Diebenkorn, Willem de Kooning), with some of the philosophical underpinnings of the concept of creativity. However, I was stopped within the first few pages of […]

The Brain and Art

I just resumed my reading of The Age of Insight, a book by Nobel Prize winning neurobiologist Eric Kandel. It is a unique book that examines the world of art beginning in the early 20th century (with Vienna, Austria as the focal point) in relation to the psychology and physiology of the brain. I remember studying […]

Degeneration of the Past

I finished Patient H.M. today. I have always been interested in memory and have read some of what has been written about this famous patient whose profound memory loss (induced almost certainly) by a bilateral resection of his medial temporal lobes. There was much personal and political intrigue and an appalling sense of the lack […]

Youth and Age

I was always fascinated by the work of the master photographers who worked in the 1930s forward,  but I was very a very shy person. I came upon the scene below in February of 1991. I couldn’t resist. I used a tripod and a camera with a very short lens, so the lady in the picture did not […]

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