Fear of Falling

Today’s study is about fear. It’s not about being afraid to hit the dirt, but rather fear for those getting older and gradually losing what they once had.

There are transitions in life: from being a pre-teenager to teenager hood; from being a student to working for a living; from being a worker to being retired; from being retired to…  Yes.

What is next?  Before you die, you just keep getting older and older.  You’re pretty steady on your feet, but one day you fall. You just lost your balance, you tell yourself. Your family gets concerned, but you know your capabilities. You thought you knew them. You become more and more aware that your capabilities are ebbing. When do you reach the point that you know you can’t rely on yourself?

I hate that old people fall. But I fear the inexorable march toward helplessness.

Watercolor: Abstract - Fear of Falling 082417

Fear of Falling
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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