Looking Up

Below is another of my photos from Burbank in sunnier days.  (It’s been raining since we’ve been here.)  William, my grandson is looking up at me. I think he is asking me something. I am able to understand Will much better these days. He will be three years old next week and, although he communicates with words, some of them are hard to understand (see Question: Normal Onset of Speech). He has trouble with the beginning of words, in particular. He does have a lot to say, and I sometimes ask him to speak more slowly so I can know what he said. Then it becomes question time, where I ask, “Did you mean this?” or “Did you mean that?” until I say what he did mean, to which he replies, “Yes.”

I know that he will learn more and more as time goes on; I expect to have many wonderful conversations with him.  I hope he will be patient with me when, some day, I am looking up to him and he is trying to figure out what I’m saying.

Photograph: Grandson in the Sun

Looking Up

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