Mike Sketch Series: Mike Looking Right, June 1994

When we were young, one of Mike‘s distinguishing visual features was his diverging eyes.  I often wondered through which he saw me. Today’s sketch shows that his left eye was looking in my direction. Yesterday’s sketch (made from a photograph taken moments later than today’s reference photo) shows Mike’s right eye looking at me.  I […]

Mike Sketch Series: Mike Clicking the Shutter, August 1994

When I was working on my long term project to document my visits with my brother Mike, I took my cameras and sometimes, a tripod.  The photo on which this sketch is based, shows me (my hand) helping Mike to click the shutter with the cable release.  I think Mike liked doing this.

Mike Sketch Series: Mike with Hand Gesture, February 1992

In the reference photograph for this sketch, I used a detached flash. This resulted in a clear, high-contrast photo.  One of the changes I would make in this sketch would be to make his left hand a bit smaller. It looks like someone else’s finger is in Mike’s ear. I should also work on getting […]