Man Looking Very Closely at the Table

The subject of this portrait is the same man that I had to use shading to correct. I made certain that I accurately portrayed the proximity of the man’s nose to the table. I think this person may have been reading, but I didn’t see any book on the table. I don’t know what he […]

Line Design

Some parking lots have double lines that delimit parking spaces. This gives a properly-parked driver comfort that his (or her) door will not be bashed by another parker who pays attention to lines. The white line with the hairpin turn in the photo below, lies on two different substrates: asphalt and concrete.  The composition is […]

Black on White

I took inspiration for today’s watercolor from yesterday’s photo (Black on Black). The skeleton caught in my self constructed La Brea tar pit is something like a horse. I’m not sure what the white squiggly lines are. Probably they are ancient symbols, or poetry for a long gone sacred animal.

Off Eye Level

In going through my archives, I found a couple of photos I took when I lived in Brooklyn, NY.   I chose these two for the camera’s point of view. Although the sign above the record store (pictured below) was intended for maximal exposure (presumably), if one were not a curious photographer, I’m sure it […]

Newspaper Barrel

I don’t remember where I was in NYC when I took the photo below. I used to roam all over the place looking for interesting things. I think this would have worked in black and white as well, but color adds a new dimension.  The color image of this refuse staging area is the only portrayal […]