White Triangle

One of the most important parts of photography is editing. Most of the time, when something catches my eye, I take many photographs, framing each exposure differently. The most successful edits set up interesting relationships among all the visual elements.

Line Design

Some parking lots have double lines that delimit parking spaces. This gives a properly-parked driver comfort that his (or her) door will not be bashed by another parker who pays attention to lines. The white line with the hairpin turn in the photo below, lies on two different substrates: asphalt and concrete.  The composition is […]


Some times a single image is not enough. During the past few days I have been focused on distilling an image into its visual essence. My goal was to convey the significance of the image with just the right amount of detail, no more, no less. Today’s experiment is a bit different. I unearthed a roll of […]

At Rest with Slinky

My watercolors for the past two days (Resting Position and Resting Hands Revisited) have been gestures from a photograph of  Mike and one of his classmates, M___, at their Day Program. Mike, my older brother, is autistic, very low functioning and nonverbal.  Today’s study In today’s study I portray the hands of my brother. His head is down […]