Scale and Hands

Here is another composition in the Joan Miró mode.  I have been building a library of icons throughout the years and have been experimenting with ways of arranging them. I prepared the watercolor paper with random washes of pale yellows and blues.  On the lower third of the paper I placed a cone with a […]

Corner of ‘Look’ and ‘Don’t Look’

I am one of the vanishing breed who still remembers the ‘Walk’ and ‘Don’t Walk’ signs that used to populate the corners in NYC. I understand the logos that replaced the words on these signs have also undergone evolutionary change since the ones I knew when I lived there. I encountered an equivalent, yet modern […]

‘Or Else’ Icon

One sees icons everywhere. Although the word in a ‘Stop’ sign is in English, the  eight-sided shape of the sign is the universal language for ‘cease from moving forward’. Any foreign word could be placed on this octagonal template, and all (who have passed a driver’s test) would know the correct meaning. What about the […]

Bikon on Green Field

I like the spongy green surfaces that have sprouted up within some of the bicycle lanes here in town. I came across one patch yesterday. The by-now-universal bicycle icon (see post ‘Bikon‘) was emblazoned on this green field. The iconic bike rider looks a bit pediatric due to the foreshortening in the picture. This was […]

Pre-Bikon Pavement Sign

The other day during my walk I found a sign on the side of the rode that indicated the boundaries for the bicycle lane. It was a pictorial representation of a pedal bike. I called it a ‘bikini‘. Yesterday, I found another pavement sign indicating the bike lane. I suppose it is an historic sign, […]

Search Horse

I am enthralled with the black lines that Paul Klee uses in many of his compositions. I understand that he used them in his later work to guide the viewers’ eyes around the the artwork. Ensconced in these maze-like traces are iconic figures. I tried emulating this style is some of my previous experiments (Study […]

Woman in Casual Dress

I like Paul Klee‘s artwork so much that I follow him on twitter. I tried emulating his piece, Woman in Peasant Dress, which was twittered earlier today. Of course, there is no comparison between the two compositions. What I had in mind was to break up the space with wide ink lines, which Klee uses […]

Self Portrait with Icon #2

Below is another self portrait with an icon I created after my last visit to see Mike*. I superimposed etched lines of the icon onto a light sketch of a self portrait. I painted my portrait and then introduced ink into the scratches. This doesn’t seem like a double portrait, as the icon blends almost seamlessly with the […]

Abstract with Icons

I’ve been reading about some of the great abstract painters. Willem de Kooning is known for works such as Woman I and Excavation, which I have not seen in person. I am keen to learn more about him since my interest was stimulated by reading Eric Kandel’s book Reductionism in Art and Brain Science: Bridging the […]


I let my pencil point out for a walk today. I admit I had a plan about which areas of the paper it should traverse, based on my work of the past couple of days (Motor Tic, Planes of Unreality, Abstract Double Portrait). I wanted the terrain to include hands and  brains, particularly my brain […]