Red Curb with Glancing Light

This photo is the third in my zen series of photographs of the same red-curved corner abutting the parking lot where I work (see Deep Sea Curb  and  Curb at Night Lit by a Headlamp). The time change away from daylight savings has added the element of darkness to my curb photography, as I now […]

Deep Sea Curb

I took several shots of this nighttime curb. In yesterday’s photo I caught it just as a car’s headlight lit up its rim. The camera flash illuminated the scene below. This could be a photograph of the deep sea floor, pitch darkness except for the spotlight of the robotic camera. The otherworldly nature of this […]

Curb at Night Lit by a Headlamp

I don’t like Standard Time. It is dark when my work shift is over. The only good thing about that is the opportunity to shoot night-time parking lot scenes. The scene below was lit by the headlamp of a car. It added white to the convexity of the red curb.  

Red Curve

The red curve below is actually a red curb that protects a sidewalk that juts into a drive bounding a parking lot. The red color indicates that the sidewalk is protected against parked cars. This clever scheme that disallows civilian cars and allows emergency vehicles to park and put out fires or protect the innocent. […]

Red Curb

I saw this part of a red curb in the fire lane next in my new coffee break stomping ground. I got another job and there are acres of parking lots to explore. The red and white-painted curb could be the bottom layer of a brick wall, if it weren’t for the painted line on […]

Curb with Old Paint

I saw an interesting curb on the way back home. I like the texture of the old paint. It looks like a thick coat. The bricks compliments the color of the paint; their textures contrast. The shadow provides a rich dark tone thereby setting up a full range of tonal values.