White Triangle

One of the most important parts of photography is editing. Most of the time, when something catches my eye, I take many photographs, framing each exposure differently. The most successful edits set up interesting relationships among all the visual elements.

Red Curb with Glancing Light

This photo is the third in my zen series of photographs of the same red-curved corner abutting the parking lot where I work (see Deep Sea Curb  and  Curb at Night Lit by a Headlamp). The time change away from daylight savings has added the element of darkness to my curb photography, as I now […]

Deep Sea Curb

I took several shots of this nighttime curb. In yesterday’s photo I caught it just as a car’s headlight lit up its rim. The camera flash illuminated the scene below. This could be a photograph of the deep sea floor, pitch darkness except for the spotlight of the robotic camera. The otherworldly nature of this […]