Smokin’ Self Portrait

Multiple reflections and geometric divisions provide the environment for this self portrait. The large repetitive rectangles in the foreground and the smaller ones superimposed thereon, are reminiscent of unrolled strips of photographic film. Thus, even though this is a digital photograph, it is an homage to film photography.

In the Car: Early to Work

Sometimes, when I’m early to work, I just wait in the car for a while. Now and then I practice drawing. In today’s world of glass windows and reflective storefronts, we don’t always notice reflections. They become invisible unless we make ourselves aware of them. I only captured a few of them in my sketch […]


I finished the biography of Leonardo DaVinci this morning. The lesson I learned from this book of more than 500 pages is: Be curious about everything. I learned this early in life thanks to my father. He was a theoretical physicist who knew a great deal about nature. He was a ‘natural philosopher’, an old […]

Trees at Night on a Lake

I began today’s tree painting as I have for the past several days: introducing earth tone pigments to the wet half of a 12″x9″ piece of watercolor paper. As usual, the pigment bloomed into tree-like forms.  I wanted to make a forest so I let the first color application dry, re-wet it and added another […]

Moon Over Snow and Water

Today’s watercolor experiment: My last foray into reflections for a while. Time to put this chapter of the Tate Watercolor Manual * to rest. Below is my moon-snow-waterscape. I followed the same procedure as in my warmup exercise (Warmup – Moon Reflections) by encircling an area of the paper with neutral tint wash. The aura […]

Warmup – Use of White

The next master watercolorist reviewed in the Tate Watercolor Manual, Lessons from the Great Masters,* was Thomas Girtin. Girtin was a contemporary of Turner, but as his life was cut short, didn’t rise to the same prominence. One of his most famous paintings is The White House of Chelsea, a perfect demonstration of the use […]