Double Mask

Today’s watercolor experiment: I started today’s experiment with latex resist. The idea in mind was a reverse portrait with the features in white and the background, a dark color. Then it occurred to me that I could keep the face I drew in latex and superimpose another face with paint. I painted a stylized nose […]

Abstracting an Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: Today I began by abstracting another painting of mine. This painting (Abstract 072415) was an abstract of one of my photos. This time I used colors that were complementary to the blocks of color in the original. I wanted clean boundaries, straight lines between different colors. I used masking tape to cover one […]

Unintended Consequences

The study I planned for today was another rendition of my ‘Break’ watercolor. Yesterday’s painting was a realization of the important visual aspects of the photograph I took during my break at work the other day. There was much more drama in that composition than in the original painting, which I thought was just a […]

Hands as Funnel?

Today’s watercolor experiment: Process: Yesterday I was thinking about making the hands I paint more abstract. I started today with two Payne gray brushstrokes. The first one (on the left) was spot on. It had just the contour I wanted. The second one was a bit off, but not terribly. As with yesterday’s study, I incorporated […]

When You Fall Off a Horse…

Yesterday’s experiment did not go as I planned. I am thrilled that some found it to be charming (my wife, and Jann at  I do appreciate that point of view, but my intention was not to portray ‘charming’, so in that respect, I could have done better. The axiom about getting back on the horse after you’ve […]