The Space Between Analog and Digital

I wrote the paper below as part of an assignment for a class I took in the late 1990s. It relates to a recent visual post (Analog and Digital Realms) as well as to the original mission of this blog (which was to autism from my perspective as a sibling of an autistic brother). In […]

Grayscale Tunnel

In today’s experiment, I duplicated yesterday’s pen and ink drawing of one of the many walk-through tunnels in New York City’s Central Park. Today, I used no pen and ink at all. I just used water soluble pencils to sketch the scene. I completed the piece by adding water with a small brush. The Derwent […]

My Analog Past

I loved doing the graffiti sketches of the past couple of months, and I’m sure I will return to more draftsman-like subjects, but for now I want to challenge myself in a different arena. Here is the basis for the art to follow: My Analog Past Everything is digital these days. These days? How about for the […]

The Space Between

Yesterday, I posted a portrait of myself as I was traveling to Mike‘s plane of existence. Even though I can’t share any details of our visit (believe me I would love to if I could), I was able to capture the essence of our visit. However before you see it, I need to provide you […]

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