Under the Sea

I put the blue-green interaction of bismuth yellow and Peacock blue to good use today in my representation of an under-the-sea scape. I didn’t start out with this title in mind, however. The horizontal green lines were produced by the interfaces between these yellow and blue pools of color. I obliterated some of them with […]


I’m going to take a break from trying to pick a philosophy of life. If I’ve waited this long, it doesn’t really matter if I take a little longer. I suppose that I actually have one by default, but I couldn’t tell you exactly what it is. Here is a partial list of some, perhaps […]

The Simple Life

A week ago I was just getting back from seeing my families. In my original family, my place is that of a son and a brother; in my family of choice, I am a husband, stepfather and grandfather. My granddaughter calls me Zaydie out of respect for my Jewish heritage. It was her parents’ idea. […]