There wasn’t much to photograph during my break but sometimes even a cinderblock wall looks good when light glances from the side. The composition below makes use of side lighting. The nearly uniform gray tone contrasts with the details of the equipment panel and associated piping.  


I started today with a purple swoosh of paint. I pre-wet the paper, which gave me a less saturated color than I would have liked. As with yesterday’s study, I began with the paper in landscape format. While the paper was still wet, I ran a brush loaded with cadmium red deep parallel to the […]

Less Ink

Today’s watercolor experiment: I had two ideas in mind for today: experimenting with brilliant colors in the background; and using earth tones to color the traces of the latex resist. I began with liquid latex. This time I shook the paper back and forth. I liked the spiny appendages sticking out of the main trunk of liquid […]

Earth Tones and Unsaturated Colors

I had a bit of a hard time figuring out how to put the earth tone colors in order. I had to disassemble my color strip book and remove those colors so I wouldn’t be confused by the more saturated paints. The problem I started today’s experiment with the idea of playing with unsaturated colors. […]

Now for the Reds

Yesterday I used all the blues in my watercolor box. Little dabs of them are now in the wells of two different plastic palettes. An easy, non-abstract subject which uses all shades of blues is the ocean. I started with the redder shades of blue in the foreground and worked toward the horizon with the […]