Pack Man

Sometimes, pencil is the right tool for the job. The subject of the sketch below merited such a treatment. The subject’s pack, with all its details, on the other hand could have been beautifully rendered in ink. Since I am the final arbiter of my artistic implements, pencil it is. (The wavy line to the […]

Man in Puffy Jacket

Usually, the people I draw have settled into a quiescent state. The occasional change of position of limbs are easily accommodated, and makes for an interesting and dynamic portrait. Sometimes however, there is a major shift in position that is more difficult to incorporate. The underlying sketch of the subject’s previous position is hard to […]

I Was Wrong Once

Do you know the story of the insufferable man on a blind date, who, trying to impress the girl told her, “I have never been wrong.”  She looked at him with that pasted-on smile, which he must have known was betraying annoyance, so he added, “Oh wait, I was wrong once. I thought I was […]

8 1/2

Hours….   That was the duration of our trip to LA.  The rain may have been part of the reason for the extended stay in the moving car. I really prepared for the trip: gassed up the car the night before; put air in the tires; I had my coffee in hand when we pulled […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: Today I gave my grandson, Will a drawing lesson. Being 2.5 years old, it didn’t take long for him to loosen up. At first he just scribbled in one corner of the paper, but when I showed him how to draw a big circle, he took to it like a duck to […]