Memories of Michael: Brothers Posing at Willowbrook (early 1960s)

Mom or Dad took this picture of Dave and me, by the steps leading up to Mike’s building at Willowbrook. This was during one of the frequent visits we made to see our brother. The picture below is my wishful thinking made visible.

Memories of Michael: Wishful Memory – Made-Up Brother (~1993)

I’ll never forget the day I held up Mike’s half image to the mirror. I focused my brother’s attention on me. Something I could not do in real life.* * Mike was my older brother who was autistic, nonverbal and low functioning. He passed away last month.

Mike-Related Watercolor: Dream Image (2016)

Mike is my older brother. He is low functioning, autistic and has never spoken. I don’t know if Mike knows that I am his brother. The watercolor/collage below is an image fragment from one of my dreams. Mike is my brother He has not spoken ever I dream about him

Collage – Final Configuration

I began my collage a couple of days ago as a response to one of my paintings that I didn’t like (see Rescued Blunder).  I used glue to tack the torn pieces onto another, pre-glazed watercolor sheet. I abandoned my plan to flatten the torn paper, and let them curl. Pictured below is the first […]

Rescued Blunder

Sometimes mistakes just can’t be modified into successes. That was the case the other day. I tore up the offending ink and watercolor abstract (of dimensions 9×12 inches). I like to avoid waste, so I assembled the scraps on a 12×16 inch piece of watercolor paper. Previously, I glazed the entire surface with Prussian blue […]

Dream Images, Edited

I dream in vivid images. They are very detailed when I am dreaming them, less so after I awake. Last night’s dream was a situation. I had died, which was a bit uncomfortable, but alive in another body, still my own. I felt very alive, but aware that one day I would have to go […]

Every 15 Minutes

Today’s experiment: I continue today with my series about time. Early in the series I wrote a experimented with the past (My Analog Past, Memory of Teaching Dave to Ride) developing graphics to portray time (Re-Inspection of Time) and abstract riffs using these visual ideas (Time Tiger, Untitled Time Piece). My thoughts today centered on how the perception […]


I may have been thinking too much lately. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while  know that I have been trying to find a visual way to express my ideas and feelings. When I began my blog, my mission was to talk about autism from a brother’s point of view, […]

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