Comic Book: Retirement – AHA!… (p6) (August 2008)

I am a packrat by nature. It is so debilitating, that I carted many things (some might say aren’t worth keeping) across the country. I declared I was ready to start, in yesterday’s episode. Today’s installment reveals my starting point.

Comic Book: Retirement – From NY to SJ (p1) (August 2008)

One of the hardest parts of retiring was moving across the country with a lifetime of accumulated…. s*uff. I, to this day, still have an issue letting go of things. At some point letting go will be a must… I’m working up to it gradually… very gradually.

Comic: I.M.O.W.E pg 5 (and final) If I just keep trying. (circa 2011)

My father was most patient with Mike. Mom took Mike’s withdrawal from everything personal. I rode the middle ground: patient to a point, then withdrawing, thinking that something in me failed to reach Mike. I had an element of If-I-Keep-On-Trying-ness about me. I still wish I could have reached my big brother.