Sketch Book Series: Wood Grain and Shadows (May 2010)

The shadow is the first element I notice in this sketch. The wood grain lies underneath, yet is not confused with shading of the dark area. The flower pots are the most incomplete component of this piece, not completely defined with pen and ink.

Sketch Book Series: Faces (December 2011)

I don’t remember the point of this practice exercise. It couldn’t have been faces exclusively since two are hidden. Maybe it was a combination face practice and composition design. I was getting better at facial proportions in this sketch.

Sketch Book Series: Atrium (April 2011)

I used pencil for shading in this sketch. I don’t recall the issues I had while drawing this scene, but ten years after, I see that the large shadow on the back building would have taken a careful hand with pen and ink to render. I probably thought it was easier to shade with pencil.

Sketch Book Series: Airplane Takeoff (November 2013)

This is not a traditional sketch, but rather a recording of the vibrations that the airplane made as it went along the runway. I drew a line a (more or less) a constant rate across the page, turning as I ran out of space. I made notes when the plane turned and when we finally […]

Sketch Book Series: Fever (May 2011)

There is a partial sketch, in sepia, of a figure on this page of my sketch book. But the important lesson I learned, in sketching the faces was: less is more. With just a few marks, I depicted a person not feeling well. What marks an artist does NOT make are just as important as […]