Abstract – Summertime

I combined free-form pen and ink curves with negative-space lines that I drew with masking fluid. The term ‘negative-space line’ seems oxymoronic, since a line has virtually no width dimension. I define ‘space’ on a two-dimensional surface as a bounded shape. I used the inked lines to form the edges of color fields. The white […]

Sketch for Abstract

I can’t resist buying art supplies. I work at a framing shop, which makes it even harder since I get a discount. I started doing preliminary drawings for my watercolors in a new sketch book. Instead of containing white sheets, it is filled with ivory-colored paper. I like it a lot. Here is my sketch for […]

Edge/No Edge

Today I experimented with free form design. I drew half of it with an oil-based ink and the other with charcoal. On the inked side, I painted colors without variation; on the charcoal side I painted gradients of color. In the center, between the edged and no-edged form, I drew parallel inked lines. Each side […]