I started today with a purple swoosh of paint. I pre-wet the paper, which gave me a less saturated color than I would have liked. As with yesterday’s study, I began with the paper in landscape format. While the paper was still wet, I ran a brush loaded with cadmium red deep parallel to the […]

Desert Island

Today’s watercolor experiment: Today’s experiment began as a test of wet-on-wet mixing of cobalt blue with cadmium red light. I traced a clear-water arc into which I bled some cobalt blue. Along the curvature, red made its appearance. The red was much more saturated than the cobalt blue, which I painted on the far side […]

Graffiti Excerpt

Today’s watercolor experiment: Among my photographs of New York City from the 1980s and 90s are snapshots of interesting graffiti. There was a lot of it back then. The wall pictured below, lit as it was with light glancing off the bricks, compelled me to take a picture.  I’m not quite sure why I did […]

Less Ink

Today’s watercolor experiment: I had two ideas in mind for today: experimenting with brilliant colors in the background; and using earth tones to color the traces of the latex resist. I began with liquid latex. This time I shook the paper back and forth. I liked the spiny appendages sticking out of the main trunk of liquid […]