Rectilinear Beginnings

Looking from left to right, one sees parallel lines and right-angle corners. As we get into the white field, the black horizontal line turns into a blue/white interface and starts to sag. In the blue field, there is a white dot and a larger black one. One could say that the right hand side of […]

Woman with Curved Hair

There are occasions when sketch times are excruciatingly short. The subject below had some very interesting lines. I saw her only in profile; her hair framed her face in curves. My original sketch was very light. I thought I had more time before the woman was called to her appointment. Later, I darkened the outlines […]

Red Curve

The red curve below is actually a red curb that protects a sidewalk that juts into a drive bounding a parking lot. The red color indicates that the sidewalk is protected against parked cars. This clever scheme that disallows civilian cars and allows emergency vehicles to park and put out fires or protect the innocent. […]

Angles and Curves

I started this study with the intent to explore the texture of this paper. It has a rough finish. I rubbed a solid stick of ultramarine blue onto the paper making an ‘L’ shape. I painted small blue and orange dots within the textured pattern formed by the strokes of dry blue paint. I used […]


Yet another day in thrall of medical services. Successful visit to radiation therapy ended in a fall at home. A previous sprain, the cause of an earlier emergency room (ER) visit, is now a fracture. Yet another ambulance trip to the ER. The curves in the study below are fractured by fault lines. Everything is […]

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