One Step Removed

With time, an event fades into the distance. A full sensory experience is abbreviated to important points that stick in the memory. With sketching and painting, one can replicate those memories or fabricate another meaning. In fact, dozens of meanings could be applied to the same event depending on the artist’s imagination.  Here is one step removed from the contemporaneous sketch from the other day.

Watercolor: Hospital - Slippery Slope 121417

Slippery Slope
12″x9″ 140# Rough Watercolor Block

2 thoughts on “One Step Removed

  1. I like this idea. This version softer edged, colorful, simpler, somehow less frantic, although you seem to be on a luge hurtling down the track, too, tethered by the tubes. A lot to think about here, I like what you are doing very much. It is a processing kind of thing, I am feeling?

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