Young Lady with Difficult Face

In all fairness, the young lady in question was rather far away when I sketched her. So the difficulty of her face was my issue. At such a distance it was tough to pencil in the barely discernible shapes that made up her face. I like the rest of the drawing, which captures the subject’s […]

Fellow Waiter

When we first got to the waiting area, this lady was the only one in our section. This sizable seating venue was a staging area: patients were called away for one test, then another; in between they assumed their perch (if still available) and wait for the ultimate call, the call from the person who […]


Yesterday I zeroed in on part of a face, my face as a little boy. Today I am getting even closer. I began with my 3-inch brush loaded with yellow ochre, cadmium red light and titanium white. Two simple streaks and it was done. But I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to embed this shape in […]