Concentrating on the Face

Now and then I hit the nail on the head with a blind drawing. I captured the man’s facial features and hairline in the right proportions and orientation (which is not always guaranteed when one draws without looking at the drawing surface).

Scrambled Faces

While the sketchbook is a place for practice, I devote most pages to portraits. Faces are an important aspect of portraits, but there are factors: gesture; posture; placement and surroundings, to name a few.  The sketch below is face-drawing practice.

Woman Touching Her Shoulder

Sometimes clothing is easier to draw than a face. In this sketch, I got the general idea of a face (it somewhat resembles the model), but the most important visual elements are the clothes and the woman’s gesture. The gesture makes this drawing interesting.

Young Lady with Difficult Face

In all fairness, the young lady in question was rather far away when I sketched her. So the difficulty of her face was my issue. At such a distance it was tough to pencil in the barely discernible shapes that made up her face. I like the rest of the drawing, which captures the subject’s […]

Fellow Waiter

When we first got to the waiting area, this lady was the only one in our section. This sizable seating venue was a staging area: patients were called away for one test, then another; in between they assumed their perch (if still available) and wait for the ultimate call, the call from the person who […]