Meditation Series: (8/8) Street Fair, NYC (1988)

This sketch shows more of the surrounding architecture of the city block than the people enjoying the street fair. The musician seems quite alone. Please visit my Etsy shop for my artwork for sale inspired by my autistic brother Mike at: My other artwork for sale is at:

Meditation Series: (4/8) Watching the Parking Lot in LA (2021)

This sketch has an amorphous quality. I focused on the parking lot sign and building, enlarging my photo to see as much detail as possible. The partial views of the car and the truck in the foreground does not differ from the mural and graffiti in the background. Only the green leaves of the tree […]

Leaving LA

We moved from downtown Los Angeles to the ‘burbs. We’re actually still in LA county, just 20-30 miles from downtown. It took two days, but we’re here. We now live with our daughters, sons-in-law and grandkids. It will take some getting used to and to puzzle together the belongings (and natures) of three households. I […]

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