Vintage Photo: Newspaper Stand NYC 1990

This is a black and white photo of the same newsstand of which I photographed in color, posted the other day (Red Newspaper Stand on 46th Street 9.1.1991).  I returned to photograph this newsstand over a long period of time. I think I like the black and white version better than the color one.

Vintage Photo: Red Newspaper Stand on 46th Street 9.1.1991

This was one of my favorite newsstands. For some reason it reminds me of a samurai warrior.  I visited this newspaper stand, not far from Grand Central Station in New York, many times. I brought cameras with color and black and white film, and took many, many photographs before the one shown below. I love […]

Vintage Photo: Newsstand Series, New York City 1990

Photography was one of the first art forms that I fell in love with.  I used to take my camera with me on my frequent walks when I lived in New York City.  I used to seek out places photographed by famous photographers like Paul Strand, to see if I could reproduce their shots. It’s […]

Newsstand, Lower Manhattan

Today’s watercolor experiment: The newspaper stand in today’s watercolor was in Lower Manhattan according to my notes. I took a photograph of it in the early 1990s, during one of my walks in the city. My notes about the locations of pictures I took were vague most of the time. Sometimes however, I am able to get more specific clues […]

Misspelled Newsstand

Today’s watercolor experiment: Today’s watercolor sketch is from one of my photographs of newsstands. I took the photo toward the end of one of my walks. I know the date, August 15th, 1991, since I have shots of the Indian Independence Day Parade on the same roll of film. My notes also say that the […]