OtherArtByJack: New York Studio School Graffiti (2015)

Pardon the repeat post, but it is raining too hard to go hunt street couches this week. This print is available on my Etsy shop (OtherArtByJack); my autism-inspired art is available at my AutisticInspiredArt Etsy Shop.

OtherArtByJack: New York Studio School Graffiti (2015)

This is a 6×4 fine art print matted to 7×5 of graffiti street art near New York City’s West Village. In fact, the Studio School is on West 8th in New York City. I pen and inked and watercolored this sketch from a 1989 photo I took. My Etsy Shop, OtherArtByJack, will be opening any […]

OtherArtShop: Underpass Graffiti (2015)

This is another print to be listed as soon as I get my OtherArtShop up and running on Etsy. I painted the original 4×6″ in 2015 from one of the photos I took on the East Side of Manhattan in 1989. I was graffiti hunting at the time.

OtherPhotoShop: Bargain Spot, NYC (1989)

I will be opening another Etsy shop within a week that showcases my art which is not directly related to autism. I plan to include watercolor prints of photos taken in New York City (where I lived for more than 20 years); original black and white and color photos, some framed, some not; sketches and […]

Etsy Shop Development: Listing of Items Not Directly Related to Autism

All items in my Etsy Shop will not be directly related to my experience with autism. My vision, the urge I have to snap the shutter on my camera, is driven by a sensibility nurtured my experiences with my brother Mike. I get a lot of pleasure from paying close attention to my surroundings finding […]

Vintage Photo: Mr. Davis is Leaving the Building, NYC December 1991

I will lose internet in a coupe of days because of the move. I hope to get it back as soon as I can. Will post as much as I can until then.

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