Left Lane Ends

Sometimes I just have to snap the shutter. I took this photo in traffic just before entering the Lincoln Tunnel, headed to New Jersey from New York City, years ago. I like the geometry of the square sign, the trapezoidal opening to the tunnel on the other side of the road and the diagonals of […]


At first glance this sign looks to be an exhortation to all who happen by with writing implements. Upon closer reading, it appears as if the building owner is addressing a specific person or persons. Note that the sign writer said “I promised”; ‘promised’ is in the past tense. The building owner already promised not to […]

Time Lends Context

I was leafing (I mean scrolling) through some old photographs that I took when I used to wander around NYC.  There was an incongruity in one of them. The shape seemed familiar, but not in the context of my street photography. The thumbnail size of the picture did not at once, offer much clarification. It was […]

Brooklyn Pasttime

Grand Army Plaza, pictured yesterday, wasn’t the only attraction at Brooklyn Day in 1990. I found a section where girls were jumping rope. One of the photos in the background must have been a famous jump roper from the past. I didn’t recognize her, but I enjoyed the feelings of the old times in Brooklyn. It […]

The Ride Home

I love the atmospherics of the photograph below. I took it early in 1990 when I was in a car pool commuting from Brooklyn to New York, where I worked. I used to leaf through books of New York City photographs taken by the old masters and pined for the times that they depicted. Some of […]

The Shadows Know

I took this shot many years ago. Usually, I recognize my own photos immediately. In this case however I was disoriented by the shapes of the entangled shadows. I must have been concentrating on the pedestrians who were blocking the light. I love photos that have more than one thing to say.