Memories of Michael: Dad and Mike – Piano Lesson (~1950)

Mom and Dad loved music. They listened to orchestral music and were captivated by opera. Dad would meticulously follow along in the score and the libretto was never out of arms reach. I can only imagine the wonderful times they had as a couple, listening together. “When Mike came on the scene, I never got […]

Project: Preparations for Opening an Etsy Shop (1)

Posts in this new series will detail my preparations for opening a shop on the Etsy platform. I envision that it will accomplish several things: 1) enable me to share my art; 2) help me to reduce the inventory of art currently housed in my apartment, while; 3) making money. My short term goal is […]

Vintage Photo: Mr. Davis is Leaving the Building, NYC December 1991

I will lose internet in a coupe of days because of the move. I hope to get it back as soon as I can. Will post as much as I can until then.

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