Woman with Striped Blouse and Hair in Bun

I like the way the vertical and horizontal lines appose each other. These strokes form the only patterns within the outline of the figure.  I drew the woman’s outline blindly (not looking at the paper), but did look when I detailed her blouse and hair. I did not realize how much the counterpoint between these […]

Slouching Toward Judgement

Today’s watercolor experiment: I really like liquid latex resist. I create a design with the semi-viscous fluid which, after drying, goes largely unnoticed during the rest of the painting process. I must admit that it is difficult to draw an intricate design by dripping the liquid rubber out of a bottle, but it serves its […]

“Mathematician’s Apology” Part 2

The first line of his A Mathematician’s Apology, G.H. Hardy, world renown English mathematician of the late 19th, early 20th century, notes his state of mind at the time of writing as one of melancholy. This is understandable given his sentiment that ”[e]xposition, criticism, appreciation is work for second-rate minds.” Added to the fact that he was pursuing […]

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