Vintage Photo: Corner Bookstore, Upper East Side, NYC 1989

I used to take classes at the International Center of Photography in NYC when it was on 96th Street and 5th Avenue.  I would sometime travel by bus (probably the 2nd Avenue bus) and walk across to the classroom.  This book store mainly carried books for kids, but I liked the atmosphere.

Vintage Photo: Leo Weitz Fine Books, NYC 1988

All I remember about Leo Weitz Fine Books was that it was on the upper east side (I think) and that it so many old books and papers inside. It was wonderful. (I just searched for more info about this store and found my own post from several years ago: Fine Books.)  Note: This series […]

The Nose Knows

New York is a city of signs and symbols… and restaurants. To attract customers, the enterprising restauranteur needs to distinguish his or her restaurant by a symbol to attract the walk in trade and of course, by the food. What is the essence of good eating? Taste? Aroma?  The person responsible for the display at Trattoria […]

Finished Piece & Coney Island

I finally finished the watercolor portrait of Bowie & Weatherford Inc. Booksellers. It only took another day of mason work, some touch up of the windows, and completing the figure standing in front. You can see the progression of this work in these posts: Slowing Down, Shadows Plus Camel Man, The Thing About Bricks. The […]

Hog Heaven

Today I pigged out at the bookstore. I have given a lot of thought to the idea of communication and language in my attempt to understand the gulf between my autistic, profoundly retarded, nonverbal brother and me. In yesterday’s post I reviewed the basic components of communications systems – without regard to the content of […]

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