Vintage Photo: Shakespeare Bookstore Directly across from Gryphon, NYC, 1988

This book store, Shakespeare Booksellers, was planted directly across the street from the Gryphon Bookstore that I showed yesterday. I took these photos before Barnes and Noble opened up across from Shakespeare.

Fine Books

I took the photograph below during one of my walks around Manhattan. Leo Weitz opened a rare book business in 1909. I don’t know if the storefront I photographed (on Lexington Avenue at about 90th Street) is his original place of business or even if it is still there, 20+ years after I took the picture. According […]


I took my granddaughter Sidra to the bookstore. She loves going there. The only trouble is, there are too many choices. She has read most of the Warrior Cat books, but that was not why we were there. She considered these mini-minecraft things (I don’t know what they are except they come in these small cubic […]