Finished Piece & Coney Island

I finally finished the watercolor portrait of Bowie & Weatherford Inc. Booksellers. It only took another day of mason work, some touch up of the windows, and completing the figure standing in front. You can see the progression of this work in these posts: Slowing Down, Shadows Plus Camel Man, The Thing About Bricks.

Watercolor Painting - Bowie & Weatherford Inc. Booksellers

Bowie & Weatherford Inc. Booksellers
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The only feature I am not crazy about is the sidewalk (oh, and the awning could also use some work), but I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.

I hope the next building I start to paint is stucco, or wood plank or even cinderblock. I need a break from those tiny features!

Today’s vintage photograph:

I lived in Brooklyn, NY for a time. The turf there is not as fertile for street photography in the same way as Manhattan, but it definitely has its charms. I took the picture below on Coney Island. It was the off season.  I love odd juxtapositions, which is why the Clam Bar and Ice Cream stand (with a little Fried Chicken on the side) caught my attention. Perhaps these items make a lovely combination, but it sounds revolting to me.  I also like the adjacent vacant lot – I mean eating area. It adds to the ambiance of outdoor dining.

Photograph - Coney Island, Ice Cream Clam Bar

Coney Island – Ice Cream Clam Bar
8″x10″ Silver Print Fiber Paper


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