Feet and Books

I was sitting here wondering what to draw. My feet were sticking out and I had a couple of books (Charlie Martz… by Elmore Leonard and Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling by Ross King) and my sketch book on the bed.  I figured, what the hell, and drew them. It gave me some practice drawing […]

Reading Break

One think I like about my new job is, if I forget to bring along the book I’m reading, I can go to where it resides on the shelf, pick up a copy and read it during my break.  However, the job is not without its ethical challenges. For instance, a customer asked me to […]

Abstract 100317

I had no plan for this composition, except perhaps, to see the interaction of the pigments. There is a suggestion of pages of a book stacked upon each other, or bowed, one end attached to the spine, the other free. This might be creative bleed-through from my painting posted the other day. Another quick glance […]

Information Container

I’ve been reading more lately (books, that is; I haven’t yet become accustomed to electronic books). Some books are information sparse, yet enjoyable and others are densely packed. The pleasure extracted from the latter case must come from decoding the interlocking and perhaps foreign ideas and adding them to one’s own wisdom.