Feet and Books

I was sitting here wondering what to draw. My feet were sticking out and I had a couple of books (Charlie Martz… by Elmore Leonard and Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling by Ross King) and my sketch book on the bed.  I figured, what the hell, and drew them. It gave me some practice drawing […]

Reading Break

One think I like about my new job is, if I forget to bring along the book I’m reading, I can go to where it resides on the shelf, pick up a copy and read it during my break.  However, the job is not without its ethical challenges. For instance, a customer asked me to […]

Abstract 100317

I had no plan for this composition, except perhaps, to see the interaction of the pigments. There is a suggestion of pages of a book stacked upon each other, or bowed, one end attached to the spine, the other free. This might be creative bleed-through from my painting posted the other day. Another quick glance […]