Watercolor Sketches: Fantasy on a Coney Island Mural (2023)

I took a series of photos on the Coney Island boardwalk in 1991 (Atlantis, Coney Island, NYC, Mural for Young and Old, and Lonely in Winter). It seems that I forgot to post the photo on which these watercolors are based on. I started these sketches well over a year ago on a 14×20″ watercolor […]

First Foray with Compromised Materials

I decided to ease back into watercolor this year.  A while ago I poured some latex watercolor resist (frisket) onto a 12×16″ block of watercolor paper. On each occasion that I passed by the studio, I saw the frisket design and thought about how to develop it. On new year’s day I started painting.  When […]

Another Watercolor Dimension

Recapitulation Since the beginning of this month, I have concentrated on expressing my feelings in ways other than filtering them through my intellectual channels. I began by watercoloring a pen and ink drawing of my older autistic, profoundly retarded, nonverbal brother with whom I have never been able to communicate in the 60+ years we […]

Old Habits

I resisted for most of the day. No, ‘resisted’ is not the right word. It is better to say I was confounded. Yesterday I mentioned that I put all kinds of roadblocks in my way before I begin being creative. I procrastinate by trying to read up on my subject – in this case, watercolor […]

Expressive Mode

I hardly know where to begin in expressing myself without words. Below is one of my sketches in which I attempted to portray my older brother’s environment, as I saw it. He is autistic, profoundly retarded and has never spoken. I am moving away from intellectualizing about autism, probing my memory and records as to whether […]

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