Project: Preparations for My Etsy Shop (3)

I’ll be going to the printer tomorrow (as I write), with a sampling of my watercolors to be printed to sell on the Etsy Shop I plan to open in January. I am investigating the possibilities of printing various sizes (including a smaller, postcard-ish one – thanks for the suggestion, Kerfe). I’d will be checking […]

Another Watercolor Dimension

Recapitulation Since the beginning of this month, I have concentrated on expressing my feelings in ways other than filtering them through my intellectual channels. I began by watercoloring a pen and ink drawing of my older autistic, profoundly retarded, nonverbal brother with whom I have never been able to communicate in the 60+ years we […]

Abstract Expressionist Watercolors

I’m going to need some help here. Here’s the set up: The only kind of painting that I have done in recent memory is watercolor. I am a real neophyte at it. Concurrently, I am reading about Cézanne, who worked with great effort and emphasis on composing his paintings, eliminating details that did not speak […]

Expressive Mode

I hardly know where to begin in expressing myself without words. Below is one of my sketches in which I attempted to portray my older brother’s environment, as I saw it. He is autistic, profoundly retarded and has never spoken. I am moving away from intellectualizing about autism, probing my memory and records as to whether […]