Window Graffiti

I had a lot of good times walking around New York City with my camera. I seem to be a person with a good visual sense. There is so much visual stimulation in NYC, one just has to walk around and observe. Today’s vintage presentation: As in my other recent post, the photograph (see below) from which […]

Vintage Photograph and New Watercolor

I took a color printing course many years ago in NYC at the International Center of Photography. I only mention this by way of an attempt to figure out what year I took the photograph of Schatzie’s Prime Meats. Reckoning from the time of my course, the photograph below was taken about twenty years ago. […]


As promised, today’s fruit is papaya. I never realized that a papaya had so many seeds. I imagine it is in the melon family, because the inside is arranged just like a cantaloupe’s insides. It also smells funky. Nothing I can put my finger on, but the first image that came to my mind (or […]

Today, the Blues…

I have been entertaining myself with watercolor painting for a few years. Sometimes, it isn’t so entertaining, though. When I want to emulate a style that represents the ethereal sky at sunset, or something as simple as a dramatic cloud formation, I feel as clumsy as if I were trying to draw a detailed drawing […]

Fun with Lines

I took a break today. No researching about surrealism, abstract expressionism or any kind of expressionism. I just thought that I would have some fun with lines. In all honesty, though, I was inspired by the grids that Joan Miró used to organize his paintings and sketches. Now I understand how he could say that […]

Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

Self Expression I have been trying to figure out how to express my feelings thought the visual arts, specifically through painting. I assumed that abstract expressionism was the way to go. However, connecting of the emotions to the hand with the paint brush seems to require a big canvas: sweeping movements as a dancer would […]

Old Habits

I resisted for most of the day. No, ‘resisted’ is not the right word. It is better to say I was confounded. Yesterday I mentioned that I put all kinds of roadblocks in my way before I begin being creative. I procrastinate by trying to read up on my subject – in this case, watercolor […]

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