Little Thought Experiment

No, I don’t mean A Little Thought Experiment, as in “eine kleine gedanken experiment”.  I mean, I gave this watercolor experiment very little thought. I started looking up references concerning Paul Klee’s iconography, with plans to research similar traits of Joan Miró, but threw up my hands. Too much research, too little time to write a blog. […]

Another Busy Day

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I was pretty busy with family stuff, but had some time to think about the portrait I am working on. I posted an update yesterday. Between then and now, I thought of more information to add to it. Is this how abstract art is done? I was just playing […]

Another Watercolor Dimension

Recapitulation Since the beginning of this month, I have concentrated on expressing my feelings in ways other than filtering them through my intellectual channels. I began by watercoloring a pen and ink drawing of my older autistic, profoundly retarded, nonverbal brother with whom I have never been able to communicate in the 60+ years we […]