Bruised Circle

I began with a  pale blue egg shape in the center of the page. I did this because I wanted this portion of my circle to look far away. Pale blue appears to be associated with distant background (i.e., in landscapes, blue recedes into the distance). Hans Hofmann formulated his push/pull theory, positing that adjacent colors have […]

Koi Polloi

I’ve been painting a lot of backgrounds lately. The first one was entitled, Just Background, and gave me an opportunity to practice my glazing techniques. This composition was inspired by another sketch I did, which juxtaposed green trees and blue sky (Wireless?). I decided to to continue practicing washing and glazing. Today’s watercolor experiment: I began my […]

Near and Far

I didn’t get a chance to read about Hans Hofmann too much today. I am familiar with his work. I like it a lot. My mother took me to see a Hofmann show at the Museum of Modern Art once in the 1960s. I must have thought his work approachable, because Mom told me that […]

Still Life – Not Fruit

I went fishing today, at the beach. I always enjoy the drive over to Santa Cruz, although I didn’t enjoy the prospect of fishing in the misty rain that was falling as we left. I had planned to wear my shorts and wade into the surf anyway, but I was only willing to get that […]

Another Watercolor Dimension

Recapitulation Since the beginning of this month, I have concentrated on expressing my feelings in ways other than filtering them through my intellectual channels. I began by watercoloring a pen and ink drawing of my older autistic, profoundly retarded, nonverbal brother with whom I have never been able to communicate in the 60+ years we […]