Watercolor Sketches: Fantasy on a Coney Island Mural (2023)

I took a series of photos on the Coney Island boardwalk in 1991 (Atlantis, Coney Island, NYC, Mural for Young and Old, and Lonely in Winter). It seems that I forgot to post the photo on which these watercolors are based on. I started these sketches well over a year ago on a 14×20″ watercolor paper block. Each image is on the order of a 4×6″. The idea was to find something simple to draw and quickly bang out a sketch after sketch. It didn’t work out as planned. This is my first foray back to watercolors in several years. I had some fun.

Watercolor Sketch: Fantasy on a Coney Island Mural (2023)
Fantasy on a Coney Island Mural (2023)
Watercolor Sketch

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