The Italian Lesson

My study of drawing with colored pencils has revealed one fact that has upset my learning curve: the best paper to use is that which has texture (known by the term “tooth”). The journal that I have committed to use is a Moleskin sketchbook, which uses perfectly smooth paper.  This substrate is ideally suited to […]

Another Upper West Side Door

I snapped the picture below during the same walk on New York’s Upper West Side that I took the photo of yesterday’s doors (see Sunrise Doors). Below are two sketches of this door. The one on the left side is a pen and ink drawing in which I attempted to replicate the gray values of the photograph. […]

Self Portrait

I painted another portrait of Mike today. Mike is my older brother who is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. Mike was home during my early childhood, but was institutionalized when I was about 10 years old. Now he is in a geriatric group home. I haven’t seen him in a while but oddly, he still […]

Keen and Round Colors

Today’s watercolor experiment: Again, I had to stop reading Kandinsky’s Concerning the Spiritual in Art to try out some of his hypotheses. I’m fairly certain that to Kandinsky, his view of the spiritual nature of form and color was not hypothetical. For example, he says that ‘keen’ colors such as yellows are naturally suited to sharp […]

Abstract 072415

Today’s watercolor experiment: I liked the blocks of colors I used yesterday. As yesterday, I also worked from a reference photograph. But unlike yesterday, I present the painting before I show you the source of my inspiration: I know that I see the representation of a set of objects in this painting. This is most probably […]

Color Matching

Yesterday I was able to articulate the next hurdle for me to conquer in watercolor painting: matching colors of real objects with colors on my palette. Today’s watercolor experiment: Before I started painting with watercolors, I procrastinated by painting many color strips. I made one for each of the colors in my paint box. Yes, […]

Day Dreaming

Today’s watercolor experiment: Thankfully, I was able to conquer the blankness of the watercolor paper. I was worried about that yesterday. Today. I continued my visual exploration of sleep. I did some preliminary drawings on a sketch pad. Nowadays, when I draw non figuratively I always think of Paul Klee’s metaphor: taking a pencil point for […]

Residual Ideas

Once again, I was thumbing through one of my art books about Paul Klee.  Of all the drawings I flipped past, Untamed Waters from 1934, stuck in my mind. I tried to find a link to this work, but I could not. This figure, pictured in the book as black and white, contains a multitude of lines, […]