There wasn’t much to photograph during my break but sometimes even a cinderblock wall looks good when light glances from the side. The composition below makes use of side lighting. The nearly uniform gray tone contrasts with the details of the equipment panel and associated piping.  


Today’s watercolor experiment: I chose a photo from one of my walks near the East River on the Manhattan side. It must have been early morning or at a time when the light just grazed the surface of an old, retired highway divider. The texture attracted me, plus the hand of the artist. Like the […]

Mystery Street Graffiti

Today’s watercolor experiment: I took the photo on which I based today’s watercolor one morning in autumn of 1991. I love oblique lighting, the kind that side-lights a brick wall, casting long shadows of each imperfection. The light was just right on that September morning.  When I proudly showed my photo to friends, I told them I would […]

Graffiti Excerpt

Today’s watercolor experiment: Among my photographs of New York City from the 1980s and 90s are snapshots of interesting graffiti. There was a lot of it back then. The wall pictured below, lit as it was with light glancing off the bricks, compelled me to take a picture.  I’m not quite sure why I did […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: The next step in You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors in Twelve Easy Lessons by Yuko Nagayama is painting grapes and mangos. The only grapes I had were very good, but I ate them and I didn’t have a mango. A few days ago, I bought my wife a hydrangea that had very dramatic coloring. I thought […]


We were at that store that sells food that is good for you. I don’t want to use brand names, so I’ll call it… um… Entire Foodstuffs. We were picking up a lot of stuff for the kids, who will be here tomorrow! It is very exciting. It has been pretty warm lately, and green […]

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