Meditation Series: (6/8) Newspaper Stand, Bryant Park NYC (1991)

In today’s newspaper stand meditation, I concentrated on the sides of the trees, which in the photo, were illuminated with a glowing light. I didn’t quite convey that sense in the sixth variation on the Bryant Park theme today. Please visit my Etsy shop for my artwork for sale inspired by my autistic brother Mike […]

Hotel Lighting

I saw this lamp from across the room. The light and the shadow it cast caused me to snap the shutter for today’s photograph. I adjusted the focal length of the camera to re-frame the light source amidst the intervening structures. Thus, this photo is not just about the light, but about the rectangular areas […]


There wasn’t much to photograph during my break but sometimes even a cinderblock wall looks good when light glances from the side. The composition below makes use of side lighting. The nearly uniform gray tone contrasts with the details of the equipment panel and associated piping.  

Diffuse Light

There are few lighting conditions better than diffuse light, to a photographer. Below are a couple of photos that I took in the late 1980s in Albany, New York.   I was inspired to take the first photograph by the bright reflections from the water, on the underside of the cement bridge supports. The ambient light illuminating […]

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