Petal Fish

Today’s watercolor experiment: I’m trying to wean myself away from petals. Those of you who have been following my blog lately know that I have been painting succulents and succulent flowers for a while now (Hockey Brush, Abstractish Succulent, Unknown Succulent, Another Stab at It, If You Can’t Sing Good…, Yellow Succulent Flowers, Again, Into […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: The next step in You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors in Twelve Easy Lessons by Yuko Nagayama is painting grapes and mangos. The only grapes I had were very good, but I ate them and I didn’t have a mango. A few days ago, I bought my wife a hydrangea that had very dramatic coloring. I thought […]

Another Succulent

Today’s watercolor experiment: I felt really bad that I didn’t take care of my fuzzy, thick-leaved plant, the subject of one of my watercolor studies a day or so ago. Whilst doing errands therefore, I picked up a grove (?), orchard (?), gaggle (?) of new succulents. (Forgive, me but I do not know the […]