Baby Kiwi Leaf

Joy and I visited her cousin the other day. They have wonderful vegetation: red trumpet flowers that attract hummingbirds, huge ferns, some of which are coiled up ready to unfurl at some later time, and this tremendous vine.  The vine must weigh a ton because the horizontal lumber on which it rests, creating an underpass for […]

They’re He-e-e-r-e

The Chicago family arrived last night, safe and sound; still awaiting the LA contingent, who should be here in a matter of hours. Remember I talked about blemishes the other day? Amazingly, I had no thoughts of that today. Sidra and William are just as perfect as I remembered them to be and as I […]


We were at that store that sells food that is good for you. I don’t want to use brand names, so I’ll call it… um… Entire Foodstuffs. We were picking up a lot of stuff for the kids, who will be here tomorrow! It is very exciting. It has been pretty warm lately, and green […]